In this blog we will explain how to set up HIRN Premium USDT channel for 3Commas and 3c.exchange. Read till end of this blog to understand how to create a bot.

     The HIRN Premium USDT Bot SETTINGS parameter values are included at the blog. Also included are some Bot settings template links of 3commas and 3c.exchange. 

How to set an Advanced bot on 3Commas.io ?

Bot settings parameter values

Look at the parameter values in the chart below and set for all coins similarly.

Main settings

  • Name: A name for the bot which will help to determine the bot (Example “ADA Long bot”)
  • Exchange: The bot will do trading on this exchange account (Example Exchange Wallet)
  • Bot type: If you are a user of 3commas “Advanced” plan, you can only use “Simple Bot” and “Composite Bot” is only available for 3commas “Pro” plan. Create the bot according your 3commas plan. for 3c.exchange users simple bots and composite bots is doesn’t matter.


  • Pairs: The bot will trade these coins. (Composite bots can use more pairs in a single bot settings)



  • Strategy: Long buys and sell higher, Short sell and buys lower (HIRN PREMIUM USDT provides Long position trades only)
  • Profit currency: Quote profits in the coin from the left part of the pair, Base from the right.(use Quote by default)
  • Base order size: The size of the first starter order (Minimum 10 USDT required)
  • Safety order size: The size of the following averaging orders (use 2x of Base order size here)
  • Start order type: With a market order, the bot starts new deals instantly at actual rates. Use with caution on coins with low liquidity as it might lead to high buy prices. With a limit order, the bot places base order into exchange order book and waits for its fill. If it doesn’t fill after some amount of time, the bot moves it higher. It might drastically increase deals start time on fast price moves.

Deal start condition

  • Deal start condition: Select a specific channel do you need to trade with this bot (In this case please select HIRN PREMIUM USDT as Deal start condition)


Take profit

  • Target profit (%): How much profits the bot should make from each deal. All exchange fees are included automatically (use 1% as Take Profit)
  • Take profit type: With percentage from base order, the bot will ignore the total volume of the deal. With the base order size $100 and target profit 5%, the profit will always be $5. With percentage from total volume, the profit will grow as the volume grows (use “percentage from total volume” by default)
  • Trailing: You can enable or disable trailing features (Remember Trailing always used market orders to sell the active deals)
  • Trailing deviation: This feature used to take more profit from the coin up movements, the take profit as 1% used on our recommended settings. you can take 10% of risk for trailing. (example if Take profit is 1% then trailing deviation can be used 0.1% “10% of Take Profit”)


Stop Loss

  • Stop Loss (%): The bot will close deals in a loss when the price drops to or more than configured level. The bot calculates stop loss level from the base order price, not average deal entry price.
  • Stop Loss action: The bot can do different actions when the stop loss is triggered. Changing this setting doesn’t affect already opened deals. You should edit active deals individually when want to change the stop loss action.
  • Stop Loss timeout: The bot will perform an additional check when the price reaches Stop Loss level. After the specified amount of seconds passes, the bot will check if the price is still below Stop Loss level. If yes, the bot closes the deal by market order. If not, the deal remains active.



Safety orders

  • Max safety trades count: The maximum amount of safety orders the bot can use for one deal
  • Max active safety trades count: How many safety orders the bot will keep opened on the exchange at the same time
  • Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order): Step in percent between safety orders
  • Safety order volume scale: The volume of each next safety order will be multiplied by this value.
  • Safety order step scale: The step between each next safety order will be multiplied by this value

Advanced settings

  • Don’t start deal(s) if the daily volume is less than: The bot won’t open a new deal until the coin has more volume for the last 24 hours than entered here. Specified in BTC for all pairs.
  • Minimum price to open deal: The bot won’t open a new deal if the current price is lower than specified.
  • Maximum price to open deal: The bot won’t open a new deal if the current price is higher than specified.
  • Cooldown between deals: The bot will wait this amount of seconds after the deal is completed before starting a new trade. The composite bot has different timers for each pair.
  • Open deals & stop: The bot will stop after completing the set number of deals. Leave it empty to let the bot trade without the limit.

Final section

  • Balance: Here you can see your current balance amount from exchange
  • Max amount for bot usage (Based on current rate) : It is an approximate calculation with current market rates. The real price of safety orders may differ too. The reason is that exchanges have price and volume step limitations for orders, and the calculation doesn’t include these limits. The bot itself includes all these limits and trades with them considered.
  • Max safe order price deviation: it shows the last safety order price deviation percentage
  • % of available balance to be used by the bot: Make sure this value must be below 100%
  • And finally click the “Create Bot” then your bot setup is completed

To know more about 3commas Bot visit this link https://help.3commas.io/en/articles/3108940
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