Bot settings.

How to setup Bot settings for HIRN CRYPTO VVIP Signals.?

Three types of settings for 3commas and 3c.exchane are described below ( Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive)..

  1. Conservative settings-In this settings, 1:1 Risk reward ratio is used. This means that profit and loss are equal. Also safety order minimizes the risk too. High volume trading pairs are traded by this settings.100 BTC Minimum volume filter are enabled on this method . Safety orders try to sell the target from the base order.
  2. Moderate settings ( Balanced risk ) – 1:1 Risk reward ratio method is used here too. Trailing take profit is the main advantage of this method. If each safety order is triggered, take profit will be taken from the total volume of the trade. This mean if the base order is $10 and take profit is 2%, then normally that makes 2% profit from $10. But incase the safety orders are triggered with $10, then the take profit is 2% profit from $20(base order+ safety orders= Total volume). 50 BTC Minimum volume filter are enabled on this method.
  3. Aggressive (High risk)In this method stop-loss should not be used(stop loss in this method may trigger high loss. Bot settings used here is not apt for stop loss). But maximum safety order advantages have been used for this settings. Incase the price dropped below the “Maximum safety order deviation”, then you need to wait for the opposite trend or you can manage the coin with manual safety order. ( Reserve at least 40% fund from capital amount to do this manual safety order prosses. It does not mean you need to use 40% reserve fund for a single coin ).

Set bot with an appropriate settings link given bellow. First open the link and then “copy” the settings.


Some important things are shared below

Things to keep in mind when copying Bot settings.

1. First, Click copy Button (See the screenshot below.)


2. Then click the “Edit settings” link ( See the screenshot below).


  • If you see an error as shown in the screenshot below when you copy please click ” Ignore and copy bot “ button


  • These demo settings may have been provided by the channel admins using a paper trading account, which is why this error is shown. But you need to set the exchange in your account as your real exchange

Main settings section


Any name for your bot, you will see it in your bots list and active trades. You can name it by trading pair or settings.


Select You Binance account


Bot Type


Strategy section

Active DealYou can modify the Deal with your affordable funds.
Profit currencyQuote
Safety order sizeUse same amount of Base order size for safety order.

Deal start condition section

Make Sure the Deal start Condition Must be "HIRN Crypto VVIP"

Take profit section

Target profit (%)2
Take profit typePercentage from base order.
Trailing deviation0.2



Safety orders section

Stop loss6.5
Max safety trades count3
Max active safety trades count2
Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order)2
Safety order volume scale1
Safety order step scale1



Advanced settings section

  • Simultaneous deals per same pair- 1
  • Use other vales by default.
  • Save and start bot.
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