▪️hirn Crypto Free Signals are less in number when compared to hirn paid channels Eg: hirn Crypto VVIP gives around 40 buy signals a day. Whereas hirn Crypto Free channel will share maximum of 20 signals.▪️hirn paid channels get the signals first, followed by free channel. ▪️hirn Crypto Free Signals Source will be changed randomly Eg: Today we might share signals from hirn Premium BTC to hirn Crypto Free. Tomorrow this might be changed to hirn Crypto VVIP.
Yes, we give Signals for Binance Futures in Telegram Channel, 3Commas and 3c exchange. Currently it supports Auto Trading for Future Trading signals.
Currently we only give signals for Binance Exchange
HIRN Signals' AI based algorithms are adapted to understand adverse market conditions and generate signals accordingly. During a bad market condition, signals are limited as compared to good markets. HIRN Signals work best with our Safety order settings which is based on Cost Averaging and rebuying to recover fast from market fall. Any buy signals during this low market will be sold fast, as soon as market shows uptrend. Stoploss is not preferred for HIRN Signals. If you prefer to use stoploss settings, the risk is upon you.
Our Signals are supported by some of the most popular Trading Bots in MarketPC / VPS Based Trading Bots ▪️Bluebot ▪️Moonbot ▪️NefertitiCloud / Web Based Trading Bots ▪️3commas ▪️3c.exchange ▪️Zignaly ▪️CryptoHopper ▪️Trade-Mate ▪️WallofTradersAndroid App ▪️ProfitTradingApp for BinanceTelegram Bots ▪️Cornix Trading Bot
VPS is a Virtual Operating System to Run on cloud. You can run any of your programs and software virtually (without any hardware part) 24/7. We provide Windows based VPS with monthly based subscription. VPS can be accessed with Microsoft Remote Desktop App and it can be used like any Normal Windows Operating System. You can buy a vps from our website (www.hirnsignals.com) and it will be charged 8$ per month. You can pay this charges with CryptoCurrency. Subscription can be cancelled any time.Vps Configration vCPU: 2 Ram: 4GB Location: Germany Storage: 40GB SSD Traffic: 20TB OS: Windows 2016 Server

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