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Currently this service is only available on 3Commas.io and 3c.exchange

The most attractive feature of Binance Futures is that it allows the use of leverage in long and short position trades. Leverage helps you take more profit with less capital. With Long and Short trade option,  you can take profit both in Bull and Bear Markets.

HIRN BINANCE FUTURES SIGNALS  Generated   by Automated AI based programs and fine tuned by experienced traders. The signals are constantly optimized based on changing market conditions.Unlike other HIRN trade Signals, to trade in Binance     Futures, you    should have some basic understanding about how leverage trading works and the risks involved.  The main   risk of    Leverage trading is the risk of getting your funds liquidated. Liquidation happens when your Margin   Balance falls below   the required   Maintenance   Margin.    The Margin  Balance is the balance of your Binance Futures account, including your unrealized Profit and Loss).    Liquidation  ultimately   results in lost funds.   We do not recommend using high leverage, because more leverage means faster liquidation.

  • We can look into a sample case using Leverage.

Imagine you trade with $100.  If you choose long position trade with 10x leverage,  your order size will be $1000. Remember that in the trade, only $100   is actually yours and rest $900 is borrowed from the platform. Now imagine if the coin price went down by 10%.Then your trade is worth $900.$900 was the amount you borrowed from the platform and   any   further   price drop  on  the coin means lenders money is lost.   The lending platform won’t risk a loss on your behalf,  so they liquidate   your   position to protect their capital.   This means that the position is closed, and you’ve lost your initial capital of $100.

On following HIRN BINANCE FUTURES SIGNALS, in case you are using leverage, our advice is to use less leverage and keep   monitoring the trade.   Gain an understanding on, at which point   would   your trade get liquidated, based on your leverage.

Learn how to trade on Binance Futures in the brief video guides

Patience pays Some deals will close very quickly, and some will take longer. Don’t despair- be patient. Make sure to leave a percentage of your funds available to make use of the Add Funds button for manual safety trades.

Declaimer: We   don’t     provide any guarantee  about our signals.   If you decide   to use   our signals, you are taking full responsibility for the risks involved.These signals are shared by algorithm based programs and they cannot be considered as financial advice.


Some important questions asked by HIRN Binance Futures users and answers to them
3commas or 3c.exchange allows simple bots for Binance Futures trading. It means only one position (Long or Short) with a single pair allows to trade with one simple bot. you can start with 1$ base order but some coins are different base order amount used (check www.hirnsignals.com to know more) included safety orders 15$ will be used maximum amount on 1$ base order pairs.
Unfortunately Binance Future trading works with 3commas or 3c.exchange simple bots. that's why only one pair allows to trade with one simple bots. you can create multiple simple bots with different pairs
3commas advanced plan also works with this settings because we don't use composite bots for Futures trading and it's not supported too
No. the safety orders also the part of our recommended Settings because we don't used stop loss and custom leverages. (It's optional)


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Mina Attia

I have subscribed through 3Comma but have not received bot setup?


what’s the price of the signals after October 6?