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HIRN FTX SIGNALS provides signals in selected coins for USD Pair in Spot Trading, 3X Leveraged Tokens, and Perpetual Futures. The buy and sell signals are generated based on Fundamental and Technical Analysis of the coins in the market. (Sell signals are only provided for  Perpetual Futures pairs). These signals are currently available and can be traded in cloud-based trading platforms like 3commas.io.


What are Leveraged Tokens?

  • The 3X leveraged tokens for FTX.com are much safer than ordinary leverage trading because there is no risk for liquidation, These FTX leveraged tokens have a built-in 3x leverage applied. For instance, if Bitcoin moves up 5% in a day, then USD_BULL (the bullish Bitcoin leveraged token) will move UP 15%, while USD_BEAR (the bearish Bitcoin leveraged token) will move DOWN 15%. Each leveraged token owns a position in FTX futures contracts. The price of the token will tend to track the price of the underlying positions it holds.

What is a perpetual future?

  • Perpetual futures don’t expire.  Instead, every hour, each perpetual contract has a funding payment where longs pay shorts equal to [1-hour TWAP of Premium] / 24.  This helps to keep the price of the perpetual futures in line with the price of the underlying index without ever closing down positions for expiration.

Where can I find the details?

  • You can find detailed specs for all of the futures contracts on FTX here.

How much leverage can I use?

  • FTX supports up to 101x leverage.  You can adjust your maximum leverage on the settings page.  Note that the maximum allowable leverage on FTX is lower for large positions.

How can I determine my liquidation risk?

  • There are two ways to determine when your account would get liquidated.
#1: Estimated Liquidation Price

If you go to any market page there will be an informational box on the right-hand side.  You can find an Estimated liquidation price there; if you don’t have any other positions on then your position will start to get liquidated if the futures price gets there.




#2: Maintenance Margin Requirement

Once again look at the informational box on the right-hand side.  You can also find your current amount of leverage used there, and your current margin fraction, which is just 1/leverage.  Your account will begin to get liquidated if your margin fraction drops below the maintenance margin requirement, also displayed in the box.  Maintenance margin fraction starts at 3% and increases with position size, so you will begin to get liquidated if your account gets to ~33x leverage (or less depending on position size). 




In the example above the user has a margin fraction of 8%:

Position size = 1 BTC * 10,406.25 $/BTC = $10,406

Total collateral = $808.73

Margin fraction = 808.73/10406.25 = 8%.

They will get liquidated if their margin drops down to the maintenance margin requirement of 4%.  That means they’ll get liquidated if markets move 8% – 4% = 4% down.


Note that FTX Exchange tries to liquidate accounts slowly, and FTX will stop if your account’s margin fraction gets above maintenance, so FTX might only have to liquidate part of your position.  For more information see here.

If you are worried about liquidations and don’t want to actively manage your margin, consider trading leveraged tokens; they allow 3x leverage and automatically rebalance to avoid liquidations.  For more information see here.

Currently, this service is only available on 3Commas.io

Disclaimer: We don’t provide any guarantee about our signals. If you decide to use our signals, you are taking full responsibility for the risks involved. These signals are shared by algorithm-based programs a and they cannot be considered as financial advice.

We will offer the best pricing

These signals are currently only available for the 3commas marketplace.

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Georg Huprich

Hi, short question! Is it possible to activate “Take Profit -Trailing” in the bots with the FTX 3X Tokens? Or would you advice against it?

J Smart

Hi, I bought FTX x3 signal subscription through 3commas. I setup a new bot manually and it has been making a good return – thank you. I’ve had no signals since yesterday afternoon (6th Jan 2021). My subscription is active and set to renew on 29th Jan 2021. Can you advise on when the signals will return please? Thanks in advance

Last edited 6 months ago by J Smart

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