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HIRN FTX SNIPER SHOTS channel provides signals in selected coins for USD and USDT Pairs in Spot Trading, 3X Leveraged Tokens. The bull and bear signals are generated based on the Technical Analysis of the coins in the market. These signals are currently available and can be traded in cloud-based trading platforms like 3commas.io.


What are Leveraged Tokens?

  • The 3X leveraged tokens for FTX.com are much safer than ordinary leverage trading because there is no risk for liquidation, These FTX leveraged tokens have a built-in 3x leverage applied. For instance, if Bitcoin moves up 5% in a day, then USD_BULL (the bullish Bitcoin leveraged token) will move UP 15%, while USD_BEAR (the bearish Bitcoin leveraged token) will move DOWN 15%. Each leveraged token owns a position in FTX futures contracts. The price of the token will tend to track the price of the underlying positions it holds.

Currently, this service is only available on 3Commas.io

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading involves high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies, tokens, or any other digital asset you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. ‘HIRN‘ doesn’t provide a 100% success guarantee about HIRN Signals. If you decide to use HIRN Signals, you are taking full responsibility for the risks involved. These signals are shared by our trading analysis-based programs under expert supervision and they cannot be considered as financial advice.

We offer the best pricing

These signals are currently available at 3commas Marketplace


$35 Per Month
  • 1 Month
  • Processing Time: Since this Payment attempt is connected to 3commas's payment gateway, the activation time is dependent on payment confirmation(The activation process is carried out by 3commas).

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Georg Huprich

Hi, short question! Is it possible to activate “Take Profit -Trailing” in the bots with the FTX 3X Tokens? Or would you advice against it?

J Smart

Hi, I bought FTX x3 signal subscription through 3commas. I setup a new bot manually and it has been making a good return – thank you. I’ve had no signals since yesterday afternoon (6th Jan 2021). My subscription is active and set to renew on 29th Jan 2021. Can you advise on when the signals will return please? Thanks in advance

Last edited 1 year ago by J Smart