HIRN Premium BTC Bot settings for 3commas and 3c.exchange

In this blog we will explain how to set up HIRN Premium BTC channel for 3Commas and 3c.exchange. Read till end of this blog to understand how to create a bot.

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HIRN PREMIUM BTC Signals Channel provide Spot Trading Signals for Binance.com Exchange. All signals are specific for  BTC Pairs.   These signals are    generated by our custom   Trading View  script in combination with Analysis by our Algorithms.


We have updated our settings for better profit. The main update is “Take Profit” is changed from 2% to 1% along with “Trailing”.

Lets take a look at how it works with an example. If 2% was the take profit and the coin price increased to 1.9% and then decreased, you will have to wait again till the coin increases its price to 2%. This might take some time. With 1% take profit and trailing enabled, it would have sold the coin within 1.9% and your fund is released for further trades. This increases your number of trades and thus more profit.

If  you   follow   HIRN Premium BTC Signals in our Telegram Channel,    it includes base order and safety order signals. These   can   be made use of, in Desktop based trading   bots to achieve the benefits of  Cost Averaging. Trading bots like Moonbot    and   Bluebot do   not have cost averaging facility.     But using the base   order,   safety   order   signals    and sell commands in our signals, Cost Averaging functionality can be achieved.

There are 2 types of signals in this channel.

Top twenty signals
Super Alts signals

Top twenty signals include signals for the most popular coins which are available in almost all crypto exchanges. They are low risk trading coins because of their strong basics, good prospects and low De-listing chances.      Artificial pumps and dumps will not affect these coins because of their high volume.

SuperAlts category signals include the most successful alt coins and it has only medium risk to hold. These coins are specially selected for their fundamentals. They are the most popular coins and are listed on majority popular crypto exchanges. These coins are available for trade on most pairs. You can use stop-loss for these signals between 4 to 7% or use safety orders to protect your capital funds. Sell trailing is strictly recommended for these signals because there are high chances for pump. Don’t forgot to use our recommended settings. Keep updating your bot settings from www.hirnsignals.com. Happy trading and enjoy profits.

Other Details
  • These signals will not supported for Binance margin or futures trading
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance.com
  • Supported Trading Pair: BTC
  • Default Stop Loss Between: 4% or 7% (when you use stop loss please ignore safety orders settings and vice versa)

Disclaimer: We don’t provide any guarantee  about our   signals. If you   decide to use our signals, you are taking full responsibility   for   the risks involved.  These signals  are   shared   by   algorithm based programs and they cannot be considered as financial advice.



This Channel available in the below platforms .Click on the platform of your choice and purchase our signals there and enjoy trading.

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Bot Settings

The bot settings we recommend are available below

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David Ammon

Dear Hirnsignals team

I’m looking for the raw data of all closed trades of the hirnsignals (for Premium BTC) in a table/csv/excel sheet that i can do some math. Best would be for the last 3months.

Thank you for your feedback in advance.