HIRN CRYPTO VIP Channel provides Spot Trading Signals for Binance Exchange. All signals are specific for BTC Pairs.   These signals are Short  Term and Mid Term signals. The Signals are generated by experienced     Crypto Traders using   Technical and  fundamental analysis  along with analysis  based on information from individual coin’s official sources.
Make sure to purchase and sell Coins within the buy and sell price ranges respectively as mentioned in the signal. The price ranges are precisely predicted using advanced algorithms and analysis.If you use trading platforms like 3Commas, you can follow either of the two techniques mentioned below.

  • Stop loss – We suggest a stoploss value between 5-10%. If you follow signals on telegram, make sure to use the stoploss value mentioned in signal.
  • Cost averaging – As these signals are Short term midterm signals enough time should be given for the trades to close.

Oher details:

  • These signals will not supported for Binance margin or futures trading
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance.com
  • Supported Trading Pair: BTC
  • Default Stop Loss Between: 5% or 10% (when you use stop loss please ignore safety orders settings and vice versa)

Disclaimer: We don’t provide any guarantee about our signals. If you decide to use our signals, you are taking full responsibility for the risks involved.


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