HIRN Premium BTC provides the Best Scalping Signals for Binance Spot Trading. Currently the channel has only BTC Pair signals. There are two types of signals in this channel.



Top twenty signals
Superalts signals

Top twenty signals include signals for the most popular coins which are available in almost all crypto exchanges. They are low risk trading coins because of their strong basics, good prospects and low delisting chances. Artificial pumps and dumps will not affect these coins because of their high volume.

SuperAlts siganls include coins which are not in Top20 Signals. But the signals are profitable and well selected by our algorithms.
NB: Because SuperAlts signal coins are riskier for trades, make sure to set a stop loss for these signals

All our signals are genarated by AI based algorithms and constantly optimized for changing market conditions.

We don’t provide any guarantee about our signals. If you decide to use our signals, you are taking full responsibility for the risks involved.
These signals are shared by algorithm based programs and they cannot be considered as financial advice.

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