HIRN Signals subscription amount can now be paid through Binance Pay.

• Scan the QR code and send the specified amount.
• Then, contact our support team via live chat or email (support@hirnsignals.com) with transaction ID or ‘Nickname’ with the date.

What is Binance Pay & How to Use It?

How to make payments with Binance Pay?

1. Tap the QR code scanner from the App homepage and scan your recipient’s Binance Pay QR code.
Or tap [Wallets] – [Pay] to paste their Pay ID.
You can also long-press the Binance App icon from your mobile home screen, and tap [Scan] to open up the QR code scanner.
2. Check and confirm the payment details, then tap [Continue] to proceed with your payment.
3. If you wish to change your payment currency order, tap [Funds To Use] to view the available currencies for payment. Tap [Confirm] after reviewing the payment details.
4. Enter your Pay PIN for payment verification. Binance Pay will then deduct the payment amount from your balance according to the token/currency order you set.