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Below, we will discuss about HIRN CRYPTO SIGNALS for 3Commas Crypto Trading Bot. HIRN CRYPTO SIGNALS are available on 3Commas Marketplace. There are six variations to the signals. Here we will try to understand the differences between them, where and how to trade using them and what settings the developer recommends to get maximum profit and avoid losses


  • Registration and exchange linking on 3Commas.
  • Available pairs and exchanges.
  • Recommended strategies for HIRN CRYPTO.
  • How to set a bot for HIRN CRYPTO on 3Commas.
  • Registration and connection of the exchange on 3Commas.
1.Registration and connection of the exchange on 3Commas

The service is available via CLICK HERE .This is our referral link that gives you a 10% discount.
After registration, you will get 3 days of free Pro account with all the options. To work with HIRN CRYPTO SIGNALS, it is best to use composite bots. Below we will discuss about the required settings to configure the bot for Pro account.

After registration on 3Commas, you need to connect the Binance exchange using your API. You can read more about this here

How to create an API key for Binance, follow instructions.

2. Available pairs and exchanges

First, let’s look at which exchanges and which pairs these signals can be used for.

Signals can be used only on Binance and only to BTC.

3. Recommended strategies for HIRN CRYPTO

Below I will describe the recommended strategies to configure a 3Commas bot that are relevant as of the date of writing this post, but always keep in mind that recommendations are not the rules and all the risks you bear on your own and using your deposit.

For a start, let’s analyze all three types of signal, what is the difference between them

HIRN PREMIUM BTC – The signals are paid
This channel provides the Best Scalping Signals (BTC Pair )for Binance Spot Trading. There are 2 types of signals in this channel:

  1. Top20 signals
  2. Superalts signals

Top20 signals include signals for the most popular coins which are available in almost all crypto exchanges. They are low risk trading coins because of their strong basics, good prospects and low delisting chances. Artificial pumps and dumps will not affect these coins because of their high volume.

SuperAlts siganls include coins which are not in Top20 Signals. But the signals are profitable and well selected by our algorithms.

NB: SuperAlts signal coins are riskier for trades, make sure to set a stoploss for these signals

HIRN PREMIUM USDT– The signals are paid
and the same way of HIRN PREMIUM BTC Signals here the only Difference is USDT Pair Signals Available on This Channel

HIRN CRYPTO VIP– The signals are paid.
This channel provides the best short and mid term signals for Binance spot trading. Currently the channel has only BTC Pair signals.

All our signals are generated manually by technical and fundamental analysis and also based on news trends to find the best signals

HIRN CRYPTO VVIP– The signals are paid.
provides the best swing trading signals for Binance spot trading. Currently the channel has only BTC Pair signals.

HIRN BINANCE FUTURES-The signals are paid.
All our signals are generated by AI based algorithms and constantly optimized for changing market conditions. You can use your own strategy for trading these signals.

HIRN CRYPTO FREE Channel provides the best signals free for Binance spot trading. Currently the channel provides BTC Pair signals.

All these signals are coming from our HIRN paid channels but the number of signals are limited.

As the developer states, “each signal can make 1% to 3% profit in a short period of time.”

Here, in Table# 2, is a comparison of settings for different signals

4. Bot configuration on 3Commas for HIRN CRYPTO FREE

If you decide to use paid HIRN Crypto go to step 1. Buying a signal. Even if you use a free HIRN CRYPTO FREE, you also need to activate it in the Marketplace.

If everything went well, you will see the following

Note: perform the same procedure for free HIRN CRYPTO FREE signal, otherwise you will not find it in the signal lists. This signal is free and no amount will be debited from your balance, the signal will be provided indefinitely.

2.Configure a bot. I will set up with the example of trading with a free HIRN CRYPTO FREE signal. If you decide to use a paid signal, check the recommended settings given in Table#2 or use your own strategy:

Creating a bot:

We will do it by sections:

  • Main settings
  • Pairs

It should look like that:

If you decide to remove any pair, simply click the cross to the right of the pair.

  • Strategy
  • Deal opening condition – just choose the desired signal as shown in our example for. If you can’t find it in the list, you have not yet purchased it and you need to return to step 1 ‘Buying a signal’:
  • Take profit

  • Safety Orders

  • Stop Loss
  • Advanced settings

Now bot is configured. Click

Get a reminder that you need to run the bot.

Then click Start

We’ve finished the bot configuration for HIRN Crypto Free.

How to configure your bot, to use, HIRN Binance Future Trade Signals and take profit.

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