How to set up 'Bot' for "HIRN Crypto Futures" Signals on

This blog explains configuring the “HIRN Crypto Futures” channel for Read till the end to understand how to create a bot.
We provide composite bot settings for 3commas3commas Pro subscription users can copy this setting, and other subscription users can use ‘Simple‘ bots with the same settings.

Sample BOT Settings Links

Watch the video to learn how to build a bot

Available coins list

  •  C98USDT

The parameters of the bot setting and its values are attached below, Set the bots according to the values. Do not use the parameter values from the screenshots as they are for example purposes only. Their values may change.

Option one: First, Click the ‘DCA BOT’ option on the menu bar. Then click the ‘Create bot’ Button.

Option two: Go to the marketplace then select the ‘HIRN Crypto Futures’ channel. Then click the ‘Try it now” button. This option will only become visible if your subscription is active.

You will now get the bot settings interface.

Read till the end to understand the values of the ‘Bot’ settings and what to look for when setting its parameters. Each section is described separately.

Section 1

Main settings .

In this section, you need to add the name of the 'Bot', the account you intend to trade, and the bot type
    • Name: You can give the ‘Bot’ any name you like. The name you enter will help you understand the bots.
    • Exchange: Select Your Binance or FTX future account. The bot will do trading on the selected exchange account
    • Bot Type:  ‘Multi-pair‘ 
Section 2


Bots must include all coins included in the coin list or select "USDT ALL". You need to create two bots, "long" and "short".
Section 3


This section should include bot strategy (Long or Short), Base order size, and Safety order size and leverage types.
    • Active Deal: You can modify the Deal with your affordable funds.
    • Profit currency: ‘Quote’.
    • Safety order size: Use the same or double amount of Base order size for a safety order.
    • Start order type (With a market order, the bot starts new deals instantly at current rates. Use caution on coins with low liquidity as it might lead to high buy prices.
      With a limit order, the bot places the base order into the exchange order book and waits for it to fill. If it doesn’t fill after some time, the bot moves it higher. It might drastically increase deals’ start time on fast price moves.): We recommend choosing the limit order type.
    • Leverage: You can decide the types and values of leverage.

Deal start condition

Select a specific channel you want to trade with this bot (In this case select the 'HIRN Crypto Futures' as Deal start condition).

Take profit , Stop-loss

Here you need to add the 'Sell target' , 'stop loss'
    • Target profit percentage (How much profit the buyer should make from each deal. All exchange fees are included automatically): 2%.
    • Take profit type: Percentage from the total volume
    • Trailing deviation: 0.02

Safety orders section

    • Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order): 5
    • Max safety trades count (The maximum amount of safety orders the bot can use for one deal): 4
    • Max active safety trades count (How many safety orders the bot will keep opened on the exchange at the same time): 1
    • Safety order volume scale (The volume of each next safety order will be multiplied by this value. ): 2
    • Safety order step scale (The step between each next safety order will be multiplied by this value): 1.66
Section 7

Advanced settings

    • Simultaneous deals per same pair: 1
    • Use other values as default.


Final section

    • Balance: Here you can see your current balance amount from the exchange
    • Max amount for bot usage (Based on current rate): It is an approximate calculation with current market rates. The real price of safety orders may differ too. The reason is that exchanges have price and volume step limitations for orders, and the calculation doesn’t include these limits. The bot itself includes all these limits and trades with them considered.
    • Max safe order price deviation: it shows the last safety order price deviation percentage
    • % of available balance to be used by the bot: Here it shows what percentage of your main fund is used for trading, including all security orders
    • And finally, click the “Create Bot” then your bot setup is completed

Don’t forget to start the bot after the bot is created.

After creating the bot, make sure the bot is on.

Important: Similarly, create long and short bots for all coins in the coin table (same values for all coins). Only then will you get all the signals we give. You can ask any questions related to this service in the comments section.

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Luis Macc

Good evening,

I’ve subscribed to HIRN CRYPTO FUTURES signals today.

I’m trying to setup a DCA bot in 3Commas interface to work with the Binance Futures Exchange.

For some reason, the HIRN CRYPTO FUTURES signal does not appear in the “Deal start condition” field as an available option.

How can I solve this?