Learn how to setup HIRN SIGNALS on Zignaly


How to subscribe HIRN SIGNALS

This basic "Zignaly" tutorial explains about our signals and how you can subscribe.

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  • First step register on Zignaly (If you are registered on zignaly ignore this)
  • Then connect your binance API Keys.(How ?)
  • Copy and paste your account API key and secret key
  • Set up 2FA for extra security
  • You are now ready to connect BOT services!



Let's see how to connect the channel

  • Connect the channel first .See the screenshot
  • Click the blue Connect button to connect the channel.

You are currently disconnected.?

  • You can only proceed to the next step by making a payment.
  • See the screenshot below

Proceed to checkout

  • Then enter your name and email before checkout
  • Select the coin of your choice from the list and go to checkout

Waiting for payment

  • When you enter the amount to be transferred, make sure the complete amount is entered. If you paste the amount, before confirming the payment, make sure the entered amount is complete. Otherwise the purchase will not be reflected at our end.
  • This amount shown here is without transaction fees. Include transaction fees fee when you send money. Payment is processed only if the amount is entred and shown on the screen.

Now your payment is susses

  • Now your payment conformed

  • You can now see that the channel is connected
  • See the screenshot below

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