How to set up a Bot for "HIRN PREMIUM ALTS" Signals on

This blog explains configuring the ‘HIRN Premium Alts‘ channel for Read till the end to understand how to create a bot.
We provide composite bot settings for 3commas. 3commas Pro subscription users can copy this setting, and other subscription users can use ‘Simple‘ bots with the same settings.

This is the settings link for the ‘Binance’ exchange. Copy the same configuration for other exchanges and change ‘Exchange,’ then save and start the bot.

This is the settings link for the ‘Binance’ exchange. Copy the same configuration for other exchanges and change ‘Exchange,’ then save and start the bot.


Some important things are shared below

Things to keep in mind when copying Bot settings.

Bot settings parameter values are added in the blog and screenshots are included for reference. Use only the parameter values shown in the table in each section Do not use the values in the screenshot, this is just an example


First, open the bot configuration link above, and then click the ‘Copy’ button (see screenshot below.)

Then, click the “Edit settings” button ( See the screenshot below).


Main settings Section

  • NameAny name for your bot will see it in your bots list and active trades. You can name it by trading pair or settings.
  • Exchange: Select your account (,,,,,
  • Bot Type:  ‘Composite’. If you are a user of the 3commasAdvanced” plan, you can only use “Simple Bot” and “Composite Bot” is only available for 3commasPro” plan. Create the bot according to your 3commas plan.

Strategy Section

  • Active Deal: You can modify the Deal with your affordable funds.
  • Profit currency: ‘Quote’.
  • Safety order size: Use the same or double amount of Base order size for a safety order.

Deal start condition Section

Deal start condition: Select a specific channel do you need to trade with this bot (In this case select the 'HIRN PREMIUM BTC' as Deal start condition)

Take profit Section

Target profit (%)1.5% - 3%
Take profit type'Total_volume | Quote Currency'
Trailing deviation0.15


Safety Orders Section

Max safety trades count4
Max active safety trades count1
Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order)5
Safety order volume scale2
Safety order step scale1.66


Advanced settings section

    • Simultaneous deals per same pair- 1
    • Use other vales by default.


Final Section

  • Balance: Here you can see your current balance amount from the exchange
  • Max amount for bot usage (Based on current rate): It is an approximate calculation with current market rates. The real price of safety orders may differ too. The reason is that exchanges have price and volume step limitations for orders, and the calculation doesn’t include these limits. The bot itself includes all these limits and trades with them considered.
  • Max safe order price deviation: it shows the last safety order price deviation percentage
  • And finally, click the “Create Bot” then your bot setup is completed
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Hi, are you planning to release bot settings for cryptohopper soon, too?